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ADD: $17 Releasing Stress, a guided hypnosis audio intended to provide you a way to unwind and instantly feel more relaxed and at peace.

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Facing the Storms of Life with Peace and Calm Guided Hypnosis Audio

Are you facing storms in your life?

Maybe you are facing the storms of a job loss, a (possibly) terminal diagnosis, grief, illness, separation from loved ones, the daily stress of life -- the list could go on...

When the storms of life are sweeping you away, this guided hypnosis audio brought to you by Certified Hypnotist, Drenda Thomas Richards, can help you access a peaceful place within where you can rest—even if just for a few moments—and reset.

This place of inner calm and stillness is like the eye within a storm. Even as turbulent thoughts swirl around you, you can use your breath to stay grounded in the present moment and allow the storm to pass.