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Hi, I'm Drenda!

I've been called a rebel, a badass, a Jezebel, a troublemaker, and a life changer.

 I've been in the church and out of the church.

I've worked in non-profits and Fortune 50 companies. 

I'm a former cop and former ordained minister.

I'm a certified hypnotist.

All of these life experiences have made me who I am today and are why I'm the perfect person to assist you on your transformational journey. 

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Do you feel like your thoughts and the people around you are keeping you trapped in life?


The good news is that you can change and find freedom. I can help you uncover & release what's going on underneath the surface so that you can thrive in your career & relationships. 

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You may not even realize it, but the decisions you’re making today are influenced by your past.

You are where you are today as the result of past decisions and habits.

Are the decisions you’re making today what you really want for your future?

If not, how do you plan to change?

What if society, your culture, your religion, education, the government have all influenced your thinking since the day you were born?

You’re a grown-ass woman now yet still making decisions based on what some mean girl in the 6th grade said to you.

Or maybe you’re going through the motions of being a good wife & mother because that’s what your family and your church expect.

Maybe you were told to go to college & get a degree so that you can be successful, but you wanted to be an artist or performer. Now you have a Title & letters after your name (along with a pile of debt). You think you're stuck until you can retire. 

Let me tell you a secret:  It’s all BS.

That’s right. It’s all BS -- beliefs and stories. The good news is that you can create new beliefs & stories & change your life.

Are you ready to eliminate the old BS and have a different future? A future of joy and peace and making a difference in the lives of others?

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Let's Start Shifting Your Beliefs & Stories!

Subconscious Reprogramming

What if I told you we can eliminate & heal the B.S  (Beliefs & Stories) from your mind that are keeping you stuck? Getting rid of the BS allows you the freedom to be who you were created to be. You can show up in the world as the real YOU without fear of judgment, ridicule, or rejection.

Aren't you tired of doing it "their" way? and even more tired of saying "yes" when you really want to say "No!"? Wondering when it will finally be "your" time?


I'm ready to release the BS!

Sacred Soul 1:1 Support

I'm all about creating lasting results on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I want to help you live the fulfilling & impactful life you truly desire.

Imagine how it would feel to live your life without shame, fear, resentment, anxious thoughts, doubts, anger, & unworthiness.

Using my divinely-inspired Sacred Soul Formula, we'll explore who you were originally created to be before all the BS took over.

We'll get to the root and eliminate the BS so that you feel empowered and confident in your decisions & can thrive in your career, health, finances & relationships.


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