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"Stop the BS!" -- Drenda

 Hey! Welcome to my page. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Drenda. I'm a spiritual teacher, subconscious mind expert, and published author known for my no-BS approach to personal and spiritual growth. My 40 years of diverse experience across multiple industries – from ministry to law enforcement to corporate – inform my Sacred Soul programs that help spiritually-attuned powerhouses (like you) release limiting beliefs so that they can enjoy a life filled with purpose, passion, power, and prosperity.

After spending decades dedicating my life to the church, I lost my religion and found myself. I thought I was disillusioned with God, but it was actually the church, hypocrisy, and the dogma that comes with that. As my beliefs unraveled, I thought I might lose my faith altogether. But I didn’t. I found it again and discovered The Divine in a whole new way.

Through reconstruction (not deconstruction), I learned to live wholly, not holy.

 Now I hold sacred space for a community of woo-curious & woo-loving women to self-heal and reconstruct lives of their own choosing.

I help women get free from the BS that is keeping them trapped in relationships, careers, and religious systems that no longer serve them so that they can live fulfilling, financially rewarding, and impactful lives. When they release the BS, they trust themselves in ways they’ve forgotten.

Stop sacrificing yourself on the altar of other people’s expectations, wishes, & desires.

 Find your path to healing and freedom. Be the heroine in your own story.

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As an NGH Certified Master Hypnotist, what if I told you we can eliminate & heal the B.S  (Beliefs & Stories) from your mind that are keeping you stuck? Together we can achieve the ultimate maximum potential in your life, whether that means stop smoking, lose weight, improve self-esteem and confidence, grow your business, improve sales ability, create better relationships AND discover who you really are and how to show up in the world!

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Sacred Soul Coaching

Imagine what your life would look if you lived it as who you were originally created to be? Within my transformative private coaching program and Sacred Soul Formula, I will help remind you who you were originally created to be before all the B.S took root in your life and mind! Let's create more expansion in your life!


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