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Every Thought, Belief and Life Experience That We Have About Ourselves is Rooted in our Subconscious Mind!


Whether you realize it or not, you have the ability to  change what you believe about yourself, what you believe about the world, and you're more than capable of telling yourself new, empowering stories that no longer keep you feeling miserable or reliving old traumas from your life. All of the problems you feel that you’re currently facing can be eliminated through Hypnosis and Subconscious Healing work. 




How Hypnosis and Subconscious Healing Works



We all have a conscious mind and subconscious mind. The conscious mind is where  we mainly operate from. This is where we are consciously processing information and data. This is the place where we start to overthink our thoughts, beliefs, and stories. It’s the place that we start to formulate irrational ideas, fears, and anxieties. It’s the place that you work from when you decide what movie you’re going to watch next. You ultimately shut off the conscious mind when you go to sleep. This is also the part of your brain that keeps you "safe" and trapped. 


Then there’s the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind never shuts off. It acts as a reservoir. Since the time we were born, it began to record and store all the information that was fed to us. It began storing our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness. Whether they were positive or negative, the subconscious mind stored everything and doesn’t know the difference between what’s true and what’s not. 


Throughout your life, all of these beliefs, ideas, and opinions accepted by your conscious mind were rooted into your deeper subconscious mind and now you constantly operate from these things.


So, if you feed your mind negative thoughts, they will seep in and continue to work negatively in your subconscious mind, and in due time, they will evolve into actions and behaviors that correspond with them. 



Let Me Guess, Does This Sound Like You?


  • You believe that working hard is the only way to acquire success.
  • You also believe you’re too ugly and not good enough for someone.
  • You believe that you're always  attracting negative experiences.
  • And you believe that money is hard to come by and you will always be broke.


But here's the thing...

If you’re like most people, you may not have told yourself these things, but  someone else said these things to you, and you assumed them to be true… 

Well... not for long. It doesn't have to stay this way unless you want to stay stuck and trapped! 



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What if I told you we can release & heal the B.S  (Beliefs & Stories) from your mind that are keeping you stuck? Together we can achieve the ultimate maximum potential in your life, whether that means to lose weight, improve self-esteem and confidence, grow your business, improve sales closing ability, create better relationships AND discover who you really are and how to show up in the world!


Sacred Soul Coaching

Imagine what your life would look if you lived it as who you were originally created to be? Using my transformative  Sacred Soul Formula, I will help remind you who you were originally created to be before all the B.S took root in your life and mind! Let's create more expansion in your life!